hellprincessxxs (hellprincessxxs) wrote in weltonacademy,

Crossover: It's a gay, gay school

Title: It's a gay, gay school
Author: hell_princessXXs
Genre: slash, gen, AU
Disclaimer: All don't belong to me, but belong to Alan Bennett, Ryan Murphy and Peter Weir respectively
Pairing: Neil/Todd, Posner/Scripps, Pitts/Meeks, Chris/Knox, implied Klaine
Crossover between The History Boys, Dead Poets Society and tiny bit of Glee.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "That Dalton Academy, is it a gay school or it's just appear to gay?". The history of Dalton Academy.
A/N: un-beta. I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me fix the grammar errors, since English is not my native language. I don't know if I should post it here, but well :">.

It's a gay, gay school
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