and all shall know the wonder (redsilverchains) wrote in weltonacademy,
and all shall know the wonder

I swear, I wasn’t dreaming…

I’m looking for a fic that I once really enjoyed. I am not sure if it was on LJ or or someplace else, so now I don’t know where to look!

It’s this emotional fix-it fic where Neil decides not to kill himself. The morning after the play, Mr. Keating finds Neil crying outside his office (or maybe it was outside his dorm?), and Neil confesses what he tried to do. Mr. Keating then gives words of comfort – I remember that he says something like “oh, you extraordinary boy” – and the story ends with Neil deciding to live after all. I’m not sure if the other boys were there too.

Anyone happen to know what fic I’m talking about?
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