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Two Hearts and Cigarette Smoke

Well hello there people!  A little while back I wrote a Charlie / Knox story and I thought I might share it with you.

Two Hearts and Cigarette Smoke

Pairings:  Charlie “Nuwanda” Dalton / Knox Overstreet, Chris Noel / Knox Overstreet (unrequited), Neil Perry / Todd Anderson (mentioned) (Dead Poets Society)


Rating:  NC-17


Summary:  After Charlie tells Knox to get over Chris, a chain of events begins and the truth is revealed.


Warning:  This contains SLASH!  Also, this contains Charlie’s jealous loathing for Chris, which means curses.


Disclaimer:  I don’t own Dead Poets Society (isn’t that depressing?) because if I did, Todd would never have to live a day without Neil by his side and Cameron would’ve gotten spanked.  HARD.  (Cameron:  “Oh…  Spank me ten more times Headmaster…  I haven’t learned not to fink on people yet…” XD)  Also, I don’t own the amazing words of Henry David Thoreau or the Scissor Sisters and their songs.

Part One: http://wilsonlicious.livejournal.com/3009.html

Part Two: http://wilsonlicious.livejournal.com/3193.html

Part Three: http://wilsonlicious.livejournal.com/3376.html

(Pardon the links, I still can't figure out how to cut on this site.)

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