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Fanvideo: Neil/Todd--The Mess I Made

 Hello, everyone. I just watched this glorious movie about a month ago and am ecstatic to find an LJ comm for it. I'll be contributing as well as exploring every page and waiting anxiously for more!

Enjoy my first project, a fanvideo.

Normally I despise when people try to tell "the story" of their video because I believe the video should be able to tell itself, but here's just some information about it.
Basically in this version of the film there is no Dead Poets Society, or there is but Todd's completely fine with reading aloud and Neil's dad isn't a complete ass. I cut and clipped together the conversations to make it seem like Neil was implying less-than-PG times with Todd who's kind of freaked out because "Whoa! Didn't know I had those kinds of feelings" and then eventually his dad finds out somehow and tells Neil he's getting transferred (like in the film) and commits suicide.
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